It’s really exciting to be going on this trip during Lent, although I am disappointed that I’ll be missing a Sunday of my pastor’s series on the twenty four hours before the death of Christ.

While preparing to have our youth meeting, I found a great resource from the Upper Room which explains clearly about the traditions of Lent. It explains why we use ashes, what Mardi Gras symbolizes in Christian tradition, and ways to observe it. My church has always done pancake suppers on Fat Tuesday, but until reading more about it, I never really knew why. It originated with people wanting to use up all the items they couldn’t eat during lent, so they would use them all up in a great feast. This feast usually included sweet breads, hence pancakes.

Our pastor has always presented us with a challenge. For several¬† years, it was to do some sort of service in the community totaling 90 minutes in the 40 days of Lent. This year, we’ve been challenged to grow closer in our relationship to God.

To me, it feels like Lent has become just another chance to try out your New Year’s Resolution. You fail in January? No worries. You can start again during Lent. Why do we only attempt these goals for 40 days. Why don’t we make them a permanent lifestyle change? Why don’t we try every single day to grow closer to God?


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