A Little Brighter Today


Yesterday’s post was a little bleak; today we’re going to share some “fun” facts about Haiti.

1. In 1807, gourds were the national currency of Haiti and all gourds were named property of the state. Today, Haitian currency is called “gourdes”

2. One of Haiti’s islands, Tortuga Island (Île de la Tortue in French), was a pirate stronghold in the seventeenth century.

3. Cow Island, which lies off Haiti’s southern coast, is named as such because it was once overrun by wild cows descended from animals abandoned by the Spanish.

4. The capital Port-Au-Prince was founded in 1749 and was named for the Prince, a French ship anchored in the bay.

5. Haiti was the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world.

6. Since 1804 Haiti has had four national flags.

7. The word barbecue comes from the Spanish translation of the native Haitian word barbacoa.


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