So Much To Do!


We are less than 9 hours away from departing for Haiti. We have to meet at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. For those of you who aren’t major insomniacs, we’ll be up and on our way before most of you crawl out of your warm beds. We will fly from Charlotte to Miami and then plane hop for our flight into Port-au-Prince. From there, we’ll drive approximately 2 hours to Cange.

Part of our team was going to gather tonight to enjoy pizza and pack. I originally thought I’d be joining them; however, I started packing about 20 minutes before they were meeting. All of us have been busy trying to get our lives in order to leave and I know several who couldn’t attend tonight.

The adventure is almost ready to begin. We will be posting here every day while we’re gone to let our friends and family know we’re safe and to share what we’re doing. We will share our photographs, photographs the kids have taken, and an update of what we’re doing.

To all the worried mommas, please know that sometimes the Internet in Haiti can be sketchy and we may not ALWAYS be able to upload our posts. Updating this blog will be our first priority when it comes to Internet use. However, do not be worried if, for reasons outside of our control, the posts aren’t as timely as you would like!

Check in at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow (or whenever you finally wake up) for pictures from the airport!


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