Don’t Puke and Put it on the Seat


Bonsoir or good evening! We’ve arrived safely in Haiti. Our flights were relatively boring which is always a good thing when you take to the air. Our flight arrived on time and we were immediately aware of the fact that we were in a different country. The baggage claim was mostly a huge warehouse and the bags were lying everywhere. Trying to find your bag was chaos, especially with all the Haitians who were trying to make some money by “helping” you.

Customs were basically non-existent; we handed our form to a man who really couldn’t be bothered to come out of his box if we passed him. Once we grabbed all our stuff and traveled through customs, we walked the red carpet to the vans. It was quite amusing to watch them watching us as we proceeded out.

The van ride made us feel like we were in Mission Impossible because of all the daring stunts attempted. Road signs and speed limits were only suggested. To say that we played chicken a couple times would be an understatement. The horn seemed more like a musical instrument; honking was a greeting, a warning, and a p.s. I’m here.

After a roller coaster ride to get to the house and several people almost getting sick, we arrived at this amazing concrete house. The air moves through it and the detailed gates are beautiful. You can see out across the valley; it’s one of my new favorite places.

We talked a little about our plans for tomorrow and tried to get some idea of what we’re actually going to be doing. Supper was served and now we’re all hanging out on the porch enjoying the evening. It’s interesting, our paths have crossed without us knowing and we know some of the same people but as a group we’ve met no more than two times (one of which was last night). We seem to be getting along really well. Everyone has made an effort to talk to everyone else. We’re talking and laughing as if we’ve known each other forever.

Now we’re going to play with the kids. The guys have a soccer ball out and the girls have nail polish. More updates tomorrow!

Please keep sharing our blog. We’ve reached 3 different countries so far and hope for more!

Here are some pictures we took today!

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  1. You sound good. Of course everyone is getting along well; you’re there. What was for supper? Looking forward to more tomorrow. Signed: One of your worried mommas. Tamara

  2. I’m going to love following you!! Your experience on the road brings back memories of our travel on a mission in Kenya several years ago — it’s an adventure.

    Special hugs for my granddaughter, Hannah D!!

    Our prayers for a powerful week, Monica

  3. Steph,
    Thanks so much for doing the blog to help us understand and be there by proxy on your wonderful adventure. The pictures are wonderful, they can speak volumes. I’m not a worried “momma” , in fact, I’m not worried at all. I know who really is in charge of your group and you could not be in better “hands”. Can’t wait to see how your day went……….I know it will be wonderful.

  4. Hope it is a wonderful, first, full day today! All of you are in our thoughts and prayers here in Western NC. -Ashley and The Young Adult Task Force

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