It’s a Beautiful Day in Haiti


It’s been an amazing day! We started bright and early this morning so that we could attend the flag raising ceremony at the school. We listened as the kids sang their good morning songs and they sang the National Anthem. Some of the kids in the back were laughing at us. It made me feel like I was back in middle school with the “cool kids” pointing and laughing.

We hiked back up the hill and really got started with pasta for breakfast. Although it was a strange way to start the day, it was tasty and we ate almost all of it. We also had butter toast and some wonderful fresh fruit! If you’ve never had fresh fruit in a tropical nation, you have no idea what you’re missing!

After breakfast, we had a brief meeting to go over the plan for the day. As with many developing nations, time is a mere suggestion so flexibility is a must.

Our first group was a bunch of older kids. They were very willing to learn. Through the translator, we explained the parts of the camera and how to frame a shot. Once the youth got an idea of what they were doing and how to use the camera, we set them free on the school complex. The youngsters led us around as they examined their world from behind the lens.

The morning seemed to fly by and it was time to return to the house for lunch. It was a free for all for food and we shared everything from peanut butter to pretzels. It is the only meal of the day not provided by the house so we brought our own yummy foods!

After lunch we had a siesta which ended up with most of us setting in the girl bunk room being silly. We laughed about the most ridiculous things. I am constantly amazed at how well we get along with each other! I don’t know if it’s being outside of our comfort zones or that we just got really lucky.

Around 3:00, we headed back to the school for the afternoon session. We had the younger students this time and they actually knew less English so the communicating was a little bit more difficult.  They also seemed to have a harder time with the concepts from the interpreter. However, once we got outside, they seemed to enjoy taking photos as much as the older ones.

Pam said something to that resonated with me. She said that as of this moment, there are no Americans and there are no Haitians – we are all photographers. Some may be photography student and some may be photography teachers but that we were united.

This evening, there is no power (but there is Internet, go figure). We’re sitting together being silly by a single flashlight. Someone has their iTunes up on their laptop with approximately 9,000 songs. It looked like it was going to storm before the sun went down but I don’t think it’s started yet.

I had actually already finished the blog post but something crazy just happened so I felt the need to add it. We walked out in the dark to pray for our food. As one of our group members finished praying, just as she said amen, the lights came back on! We have power again!

We’re safe and sound! We’re having a great time! We love everyone! Until tomorrow, make sure you zip!

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