If you must have pilgrim on your shirt, then you’re not one!


Hey everyone! It’s been another amazing day in Cange, Haiti! We’re all alive and well if not a little worse for the wear.

It was quite funny, even though many of us have watches and other ways to tell time, nobody really knows what time it is. We’ve discusses whether or not Haiti is on Daylight Savings Time. The general consensus seems to be that while the country observes it, the school does not. We were an hour late to the school today! However, we think we’ve finally figured it out so that we’ll be on time tomorrow (well as on time as this group can be)!

This morning, some of us at cheesy toast and scrambled eggs. There was also fresh bananas and tomatoes! The tomatoes seem a little strange for breakfast but they taste so good and were covered with green peppers and onions.

Some of us have been under the weather with issues that tend to plague travelers and have missed some of the sessions with the kids. However, EVERYONE IS SAFE AND HEALTHY! Those who have been ill have taken the prescription drugs and have even made it to supper this evening! The issues are ones that are normal for the environment that we’re in and we are taken care of so please don’t worry!

This morning’s session was about framing a scene. They had white paper frames which the children could use to mimic what they would do with the actual cameras. They could zoom, change the perspective, and they could even offset their shot. Then we sent them out to take pictures. Some of the groups walked out towards the trees and some even climbed the BIG hill to take pictures. The kids have really started to get the idea of what we’re doing and have started to take more than shaky photographs of their friends. It’s amazing to make it work despite the language barrier.

During the lunch, it was a lot quieter today. Everyone was tired and laid down to take a nap. We put together our own lunches but then we were also served lunch at the house.  There were hot dogs and french fries.

I am amazed at the sky. During the day, the sky is the bluest I’ve ever seen. There’s so little pollution that it’s just blue. However, by midafternoon, the sky starts to cloud up. In North Carolina, when the dark gray clouds roll in, there is a storm brewing. Here, we haven’t seen rain yet. These clouds seem to just roll over and carry their grayness away.

Later in the day, we had our session with the younger kids. This time, we diluted the curriculum and gave them a lot more time to actually take pictures. Most of these groups didn’t stray as far from the school but they did some good work! Some of the kids took upwards of 80 images.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the pastors this evening on the roof. It was great to spend some time with the future leaders of our denomination and to be able to pick their brains. Although our time definitely didn’t solve the problems of the world, it was nice to discuss. We shared funny stories about communion, weddings, etc within our home churches.

When we returned, there was a little free time. Most of us took the time to get cleaned up from the day and rinse the dirt off our legs. We didn’t have dinner until almost 9:00 this evening. The food has been interesting even though some of the dishes have been unidentifiable.

This evening, we gathered for quiet time with each other. The theme so far has been pilgrimmage and the pastors with this group have shared their own thoughts each evening. We’ve had a time to wind down from the day and to share some good moments from our experiences.

Now, as I type this, people are hanging out in the girls room giggling about the day. We’re still sharing stories and decompressing.

The funniest part of the day is that no one has any idea what time it is. We’re all befuddled because it seems that the country does observe Daylight Savings Time the school does not. We know when daylight comes and when it get dark; however our bodies seem to be deciding bedtime for us!

Until tomorrow, be safe! We’ll be updating again soon!


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  1. JLEO! homie be safe you guys are doing a good thing out there Im proud of your bro! See about booking 5th Sunday’s Hatian tour! coming to a village near you “In the arms if an Angel tour” Spring 2013! jk!!!! God Bless!

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