Madison J.


One word to describe Haiti is unbelievable. From the moment we arrived in the sauna-like atmosphere to the moment we had to exit the van and walk up the hill so it could make it up to the road to take us home, Haiti was unbelievable. I loved every second of it. Although I could go on for days about my favorite memories one that stuck out the most was the time we spent with our morning photography class. A few of these children taught themselves English and spoke it very well. Everyday they would come in with a new list of Creole translations for me. We would sit in the back and they would tutor me (mainly laugh at my terrible pronunciation).

This trip was different from any other mission I’ve been on because I found the people of Haiti were teaching me more about being a Christian than I could ever teach them. Many times my Haitian friends would ask me about my faith, if I believed in Jesus, if I prayed, and if I read the word of God? It was very humbling to see how the people of such a disaster stricken area with poverty and low amounts of clean water can be so happy, hopeful, and full of faith! It really has made me take a second look at how unappreciative I have been.

I built some beautiful relationships with people that I hope will last forever. Before we left my new friends kept asking me (in their broken Haitian accent), “When you come back?? I hope for when you come back!”. Haiti has captured a part of my heart and I would consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world if I get the opportunity to go back to this loving, welcoming, and breathtaking country. Orevwa, until next time!!


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